Services and Solutions


2. Spare parts
3. elevators
4. Escalators
5. Maintenance

- Maintenance
Comprehensive and professional maintenance plan by "prevention first, pre-inspection and pre-repair", to ensure the efficiency of the elevator.
Annual maintenance contracts
Building tenants in Egypt expect fast and reliable transportation to move them vertically across the structure. Regular preventative maintenance on site is essential

- Elevators
We offer a wide range of lift solutions tailored to a variety of building requirements. The table below will help you determine the optimal solution for your specific needs

- koyo elevators:
High speed elevator
Passenger elevator
Dame waiter
Fright elevator
Car elevator
Hospital elevator

- Corolla elevators:
passenger elevator
Dame waiter
Fright elevator
Hospital elevator

The Escalators and the Travelators
Our escalators and driveways set the standard for environmental efficiency, safety and visual design. We provide high quality and reliable solutions with low total cost of ownership

5. Maintenance

- Preventive Maintenance:
Preventive maintenance ensures that the lift is operating as efficiently as it was on the day of installation.

- Corrective Maintenance:
Guaranteed safety with a comprehensive team of professional engineers and the availability of emergency calls and malfunctions 24 hours a day, we provide an outstanding quick response.

- Lifts & Escalators Repair:
Includes standard procedures such as lubrication of all rotating equipment and other moving parts and checks and adjustments to every aspect of the equipment during each specified maintenance cycle.

- Skilled Professionals:
We provide continuous and regular training for the work team to provide them with sufficient skill to ensure the quality of service.

- Smart & advanced Service:
We strive with distinction to develop the services provided to maintain the progress of things and the confidence of our customers.